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"WOW! A product that really works. One I will never be without. I have another kit already in the fridge ready to use when necessary. Fabulous."
Mrs Swann, NSW
"More confidence, self-esteem and a lovely smile. CleverWhite teeth whitening kit is Number One by a mile. I'd like to thank you for my beautiful smile"
Ms Adelaide
"I'm amazed at the easy application and exceptional results ' stunning, radiant, bright white results instead of stained teeth. Incredibly affordable and safe. Many Thanks"
K. Simpson, NSW
"We have used all currently available proprietary take home teeth whitening systems for our patients. From our assessments and our results, we found that CleverWhite was the most easy to use, reliable and cost-effective home whitening system."
Dr. Pandey, Cosmetic Dentist
"Years of tea and coffee drinking, and smoking have stained my teeth. I have tried many products in the market but none worked for me. After completing CleverWhite's 5-day whitening programme, even my kids noticed the results! Now my wife is determined to try CleverWhite to be in time for the New Year"
Vincent Ng, Businessman
"Despite my busy studies and competition schedule, I was able to try complete CleverWhite's 5-day One-Step teeth whitening system easily. The ready-to-use trays do not require any preparation. All I needed was to wear them for just 30 minutes a day. In fact, as each tray is individually packed, I can use it anytime, anywhere."
Rapahael Yang, Mr. Singapore 2005
"In my job, I meet many people and tend to take notice of their teeth's appearance. I soon became aware that a set of whiter, cleaner teeth plays an important role in shaping one's appearance. I completed CleverWhite's 5-day treatment with ease and am very pleased with the results. It is truly easy to use and is pleasant tasting. I will certainly recommend CleverWhite as one of the most convenient whitening kits."
Linette Lim, Associate Marketing Director
"I'd tried lots of other whitening products on the market - strips, toothpaste etc - and they were all fairly messy to handle and the results short lived. Clever White however is far better - it's incredibly easy to use and the results were really impressive. I used Clever White over a month ago and my teeth still look really white"
Anya H., Eastern Suburbs, Sydney  
"I've tried the $450 dentist prescribed take-home kits before. Although they whitened my teeth to my satisfaction, I found them cumbersome to use and didn't use it as often as I should have. I love CleverWhite though - more effective, cheaper than the dentist's kit and so simple to use. I can use it doing housework or reading a magazine and dispose it after half-an-hour of use. 
Dianne R., Greenwich
"Fake tan gives your body an instant sexy glow. CleverWhite is amazing because it does the same for your smile.!" 
N. Roberts, Sydney
"CleverWhite doesn't just whiten and brighten teeth, it gives you the confidence to flash a polished, winning smile." 
B. James, Sydney
"Why is CleverWhite amazing? Because it gives you that gorgeous Hollywood smile without leaving Sydney."
L. Newell, Sydney
"CleverWhite is amazing because within a few days, a dreary worn smile can be transformed into a dazzling room lighting beam." 
L. Picone, Sydney